Booze Barrel Coffee

Booze Barrel Coffee is an independent coffee roaster located in New Orleans. Booze Barrel is unique in the indie coffee roasting business in that it infuses the beans wit ...

Reservd App

Graphical Restaurant Reservation/Booking app that allows you to check the graphical layout of the restaurant, choose your desired seats/table and make the booking for a s ...


A case study for a eco-friendly tote bag company.Vitae is a sustainably designed bag, produced to replace plastic retail bags. Vitae is the latin word for vitality. With ...

Selva Chocolates

A case study on an indie chocolate company based in Colombia. Selva Chocolates is an independent chocolate producer located in Colombia. Selva is unique in the industry i ...

Design Theory Zine

I designed a zine based on the topic of experimentation and the conflicting views on it. For the zine I used a limited color palette and experimented with textures.


An experimental poster that had an emphasis on creating forms going from analog to digital. The concept was then provided after creating the form.

Lost Generation Series

A case study on a book series created by the Lost Generation authors. The main goal of this was to create a book series that has union but also still has variety.

Typographic Spread

An editorial spread that used typographic elements to create images. The article has content about how inconvenience can sometimes be a good thing. It can create an exper ...